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How to automatic filters to correct common video problems and enhance video quality?

This guide is mainly about how to use filters to automaticly correct the video probelms, with its professional filters, you also can enhance the video quality with just a few clicks, no matter you are computer newbie or not, you can make beautiful video easily.
To do this you need Movavi Video Suite, you can download the software free from here, for more features about the software, you can visit here.

Movavi Video Suite features:
1. Capture video from your digital and web cameras
2. Convert video to run on any mobile device
3. Burn data, audio, and video CDs and DVDs
4. Split and merge video files
5. Add filters and special effects to video
6. Rip, backup and copy DVDs
7. Create classy video postcards

For more features guide about Movavi Video Suite, you can refer this guide index.
Note: Becaese Movavi Video Suite is a very powerful pack (36.55 MB), it may take a little long time to download it.

To use automatic filters
1) Magic Enhance automatically balances colors, adjusts brightness and contrast.
2) Auto Contrast calculates the best contrast for frame-enhancing highlights and shadows
3) Auto Saturation adjusts the color saturation of the entire image.
4) Auto White Balance calculates the best white balance values relative to the lighting conditions.
Movavi Video Suite -  use automatic filters
1) In Easy Fix mode, select the filter you want to apply.
2) Double click or drag-and-drop its icon to the Preview area.
3) The selected filter will be applied and appear in the Applied filters list.
4) Hit Save to keep the filter or Delete to remove it and try another one

To use professional filters
Using these filters, you can dramatically improve the quality of your video without needing a degree in movie production.
1. Deinterlace  2. Brightness  3. Contrast  4. Blur  5. Sharpen  6. Color Temperature
7. Hue/Saturation  8. Gamma  9. Chroma Balance  10. Denoiser  11. Deblocking
Movavi Video Suite - use professinoal filters
1) In the Filters mode, select the filter you want to apply.
2) Move the Seek Slider markers to select the segment to which to apply the filter.
3) Double-click or drag-and-drop its icon into the Preview area.
4) By moving the filter's slider, choose the value that provides the best results.
5) Preview the result in Split mode.
6) Click Save.

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